About Wes

Wes is a life long resident of Butler County and a graduate of Talawanda High School.  Growing up in Lindenwald and then on the west side of Hamilton, he has a deep connection to the people of the district.  He believes strongly in family values and is active in his community and is proud of his heritage and culture of the community.

Upon graduation, Wes enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2002, entering Recruit Training in Jan of 2003.  After Recruit Training and Marine Combat Training at the School of Infintry in Camp Geiger, NC, he found himself stationed with a small detactchment of Marines at Fort Bliss Army Air Defense Center, EL Paso, TX.  While there, his unit provided logistical and administrative support for the Marine Corps L.A.A.D. school and adminstrative support for the Marines of the Joint Task Force.  Wes’ daily duties varied, but involved chiefly around the indoctrination of newly arriving Marines. His duty was to see that they were properly trained and certified in the use and care for Military Humvees, a necessary certification to pass the L.A.A.D. school.  Wes was given his discharge in June of 2003 due to serious injuries sustained while in training and is currently a disabled retired veteran.  During his time in the Marines, he often held the job of Marines a rank higher than him.  His leadership skills are something that were developed while in the service and is a valuable asset to the people of the 51st district and serving them in Columbus.  Serving as a marine and as the brother of a 2 tour Iraq war veteran makes their issues an important area of concern and attention if he is honored to serve in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Wes is a middle class individual who comes from a hardworking family.  He understands the  important problems facing the people of Ohio today is the economy and job creation.  Wes will continually fight for small businesses and middle class workers to ensure that Ohio becomes more competitive and business friendly.  The importance of bringing in businesses that will provide good paying jobs will be an urgent and high priority for Wes in Columbus.  “I want to see to it that every man and woman in my district who wants to work, wants a good decent job that will give them a sense of worth and that they can provide for their families, will have that opportunity”  The importance of bringing these businesses into Ohio should be at the front of all office holders minds.

Wes will take the job of being a good steward of tax payers money and will guard it to the best of his ability.  He believes in fiscal and personal responsibility.  One of the most important jobs of a state legislator is controlling the purse strings of the state and Wes will ensure that your tax dollars are spent honestly and wisely.  He has vowed to fight against wasteful spending and is AGAINST RAISING TAXES.  The importance of having a fiscally sound government and budget will help create a stable environment that will help build the competitiveness of Ohio in attracting JOBS.

Wes is a mortician’s assistant at a Hamilton funeral home and lives in Hamilton with his wife Leann and their two children, Kaitlyn and Chance.  Kaitlyn, is a 1st grader at Hamilton City Schools, and Chance, a pre-schooler, are the pride and joy of his life.  His biggest goal as a State Representative will be to try to ensure that Ohio is better off for his children.  “I grew up taking great pride in the fact that I am an Ohioan, and I want to ensure that my children have even better opportunities here in Ohio when they are adults than I do now.”

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